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According to a trailer overheard in the episode, The Village Voice called the film "a masterpiece." The movie is mentioned again in "The Smelly Car," when George tries to hide from Susan the fact that he rented the movie, embarrassed to let her know that he watches movies for the nudity (though he asserts that it's not frontal, but "sidal" nudity).

David further referenced Rochelle, Rochelle in a print advertisement for American Express, where he lists the movie, including the tagline "a young girl's strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk," as his "favorite in-flight movie." Prognosis Negative is another film mentioned in the dialogue of several episodes, and in at least one episode a movie poster for it is visible.

The term "prognosis negative" figures prominently in the 1939 film Dark Victory, starring Bette Davis.