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That it was Polybius who wrote at this time, we are fortunate, because he is one of the great historians of antiquity. Polybius was a general, the son of a general, and follower of Greece's last great general, Philopomen.

He was a hostage in Rome and tutor to Scipio Aemelius Africanus. He was eminently qualified to write a history of the Punic Wars.

There are only a few fragmentary inscriptions, archaeological remains, and coins that come from the time of his inspiring life.

It is known that Scipio wrote a celebrated letter to Philip V of Macedon.

It is dated back to the 3rd century BC and seems to be related to Etruria.

The head of Ennius was unearthed with a second head which was a century younger but also made in Etruscan style with some impact of ancient Greek art.

For instance, the current entrance to the tomb is in an entirely different place from the original.

He made it a point to visit all locations and to get a personal knowledge of the terrain. This philosophy insisted on the rationality of the universe and the existence of natural causes for historical events.

The archaeological area of the Tomb of the Scipios is located along the urban stretch of the ancient Via Appia, within the Aurelian Walls, before the city gate, Porta S. It is an extraordinarily interesting monument since many of the members of one of the most illustrious of Rome’s families were buried here, among whom Scipio Africanus (the victor over Hannibal) and Scipio Aemilianus (who destroyed Carthage).