Donghae dating amber

09-Sep-2017 19:41

Scroll down and check out his athletic body, short and/or medium dark brown hairstyles & haircuts. Amber Liu, seorang presenter acara petualangan disalah satu stasiun televisi nasional di Seoul Korea Selatan.Both Henry and Amber share common languages such as Korean, Mandarin, and English. Henry, who apparently didn’t get his thirst fulfilled by going after Nana‘s panties, has now assaulted Amber‘s Instagram with his gloriously shameless desperation.As fans have often stated that Amber looks similar to her two labelmates, this comes as a cute and funny joke, just in time for April Fools' Day.So anyway shout out to the gay kpop fans who have to watch their sexuality be turned into a gimmick while actual homosexuality is shunned (in general, but maybe not by their idols).Shout out to the transgender kpop fans who saw hope in Lady, but were heartbroken when they disbanded.Shout out to transgender kpop fans who don’t even know who Lady is, but could’ve benefitted from having their music around.

Shout out to the Asian fans who have dark skin, monolids or small eyes, big noses, and who aren’t skinny, that have to watch as their idol who shares these traits is ridiculed for not fitting the Western idea that Asians are petit or delicate and submissive, and forced to laugh it off, lest the idol’s reputation be damaged.

SEE ALSO: [EXCLUSIVE] DANaka DAN premieres new MV 'RUNNERS' On March 31, Amber surprised fans by posting pictures of herself looking... While on Twitter she took a set of selfies bearing a striking resemblance to Super Junior's Donghae, on Instagram she took a selfie looking like SHINee's Jonghyun.

All jokes aside, looks like either the boys hacked into Amber's SNS accounts or Amber herself uploaded these selfies pretending to be Donghae and Jonghyun.

Henry collaborated with Amber in his debut album “Trap” with the song “1-4-3” last year, and the two seem to have maintained a good relationship since then.

Since Henry is Canadian and his mom is Taiwanese, while Amber is Taiwanese-American, both of them should be able to communicate with each other very well.Lee Taemin, the new junior high school student at Kwanghee Academy, is just as smart as Minho and is a dancing/singing sensation. Et si la peur devait le ronger jour après jour, tant pis.

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