Dreamweaver cs5 template not updating child pages

05-Nov-2017 11:54

Desktop Server’s real power is the convenience feature of viewing your theme files directly.For instance, you can open your theme’s header file directly by navigating to your active theme’s file.Desktop Server will also automatically create a Dreamweaver compatible site definition file when creating a new website, copying an existing website or importing a website archive (zip file). When exporting your website, Desktop Server will omit this file so you won’t have to worry about security risks (as the file might pose a security risk by revealing your server’s file paths to potential hackers).You can find the file in your website’s folder named as “dreamweaver.ste”. If you transfer your files to your server by another means, be sure to omit this file or simply delete it after importing your site into Dreamweaver as it isn’t needed after import.To enable Dreamweaver’s native CSS panels, you may need to attach the file as a Design Time style sheet.

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Manage Sites pull down menu, followed by clicking the Import button.Simply keep in mind that your CSS rules are influenced by element parent and child hierarchies; so not everything may render unless you address the element directly to apply a given CSS style.For instance, the file may not display a background color because the file itself is an include file intended to be embedded inside another file like Place your cursor in Code View and use the pull down menu View → Style Rendering → Design-time to attach your theme’s file.

The actual content that is displayed in Dreamweaver’s Live View is determined by the currently selected front page.As well as isolate and highlight problems or areas of interest.

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