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12-Jul-2017 07:54

In the same way that having a shared passion for artisan bread, Hackney and the lyrics of obscure 1930s vaudeville artists doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have a great relationship, nor does it mean that you’ll have amazing sex.

Why straight people couldn’t also have an app that lets them post a picture, basic description, their location and roll the dice is beyond me.

When you’re a teenager, you are warned not to confuse sex with intimacy.

In this instance, Blendr (How many blades does it have? ) confuses the desire to have sex with the desire to have a relationship.

In my personal experience a lot of single women will say theyre not looking for a relationship but they can get clingy and push for a relationship.

I would be skeptical and cautious when contacting single women.

So why is Blendr less about promiscuous no frills sex and more about sodding relationships? I've been using for years and had a lot of luck on it and tho id never stop using that site, I am now considering paying the extra membership fee for ash mad because it really aint half as bad as I was expecting.

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