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04-Sep-2017 13:46

Cops said she spent time with men in Brooklyn and the Bronx before they caught her with a 27-year-old man in Harlem.On Friday, Anibal Luciano of East Harlem, who faced four counts of statutory rape, pleaded guilty to sexual misconduct in exchange for serving a maximum of a year in jail.The new numbers will let parents block calls to the chat lines, just like they can block calls to 900 and 976 numbers. But after listening to the line for 24 hours, the Daily News discovered it's clear that younger teens were on the line, though the talk was adult: p. My question involves criminal law for the state of: NY (my residence) and Connecticut for minor I am 24 living in NY..

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" He said he is a 21-year-old from Brooklyn who first called the New York Donut when he was 14. " Ripple says callers have to be 18 - but it doesn't enforce the rule or monitor the lines. State regulators are forcing Ripple's phone company, RNK Telecom of Dedham, Mass., to change the phone numbers of the New York Donut and other chat lines in response to questions from The News.